Our Blog Team

Kat Holleran


Currently undecided and from Cleveland, Ohio, her go to outfit is mom jeans with a cream-colored sweater and black booties. You will often find her watching black and white movies in languages she doesn’t understand, or browsing her favorite fashion blogs for inspiration. Her heart belongs to snowy mountains and acoustic guitar.

Sarah Violet Jako


Art Education Major with Minor in Fashion Design, from Yellow Springs OH. Her go to outfit is mostly black and always boyfriend jeans. Sarah’s style ranges from BoHo to grunge.  Her style icons are Vanessa Hudgens and Carli Bybel. You can usually find her in the Art building working on projects, her room in bed or doing makeup artistry for MUFD. Her heart belongs to cats, makeup, pad thai and Bobs Burgers.

Kaylee Spahr

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Currently a Strategic Communications major from Columbus, Ohio. Kaylee’s go-to Uniform is an oversized tee, ripped jeans and vans paired with her usual mirrored aviators. You can find her sitting outside obsessing over the latest Kardashian gossip while, or laying in bed online shopping. Her heart belongs to sunny days and her puppy Brutus.

Pooja Ramchandani


Prospective Marketing Major with a co-major in Fashion Business and a minor in Journalism from Mumbai, India. Her style inspo is Karl Lagerfeld on weekdays and Jeremy Scott on weekends. Her go to uniform is leggings with oversized graphic tee’s and a jacket/ coat paired up with flip-flops/ high tops. You can always find her with earphones plugged in, in some nook or cranny, with Starbucks hot chocolate, sketching her heart out. She’s also a “Game of Thrones” fanatic.

Megan Stapleton


Biology major minoring in nutrition from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her go-to outfit is black ripped skinny jeans with a black top or a white boyfriend tee paired with black, fringed, open toe booties. You can find her doing homework with a grande vanilla latte at Starbucks or enjoying Bodega’s pasta salad.

Allie Eames

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Marketing major and Interactive Media Studies minor from Washington, DC. Allie’s go-to look is ripped jeans, a band tee and flannel or oversized sweater, leather sneakers, and a baseball hat. You can find her playing one of her 133 Spotify playlists, doodling on her chalkboard wall, or planning what Pinterest recipe to attempt next. Her heart belongs on a hike somewhere with good friends and her Wheaten Terrier.

Nellie Given


Social Justice Studies Major from Fairhope, Alabama. Her go-to style is rolled up jeggings paired with converse and any soft shirt, or anything with pineapples or elephants. She loves drinking tea while reading a good book, chocolate, “The Office,” sleeping, and a good laugh. You can usually find her at the library, outside, or rehearsing a play. 

Allie Palm


Strategic Communications major with minors in 2-D Media Studies and Business from Dayton, Ohio. Her style inspo is Kendall Jenner with her causal and edgy street style. You can find her with a venti Starbucks chai tea latte browsing the Internet feeding her online shopping addiction. Her heart belongs to Kimye, Netflixing, and a good pair of jeans.

Nina Franco


Journalism and Political Science double major with a Pre-Law track from Lockport right outside, Buffalo, NY. Her go-to outfit is a high-waisted jean skirt with a Brandy Melville tee, white Converse, and she never leaves the house without a scrunchie. You can find her writing, binge watching Netflix, or chowing down on Ben & Jerry’s. Her heart belongs to rainbow sprinkles, ’80s movies, books, and swimming.



Hannah Blaze


Interactive Media Studies Major from Cleveland, Ohio. Her go-to uniform is a bodycon midi dress with white sneakers and her favorite Quay sunnies. You can most likely find her in her room eating a veggie burger from Pulley while watching Leonardo DiCaprio movies. Her heart belongs to Los Angeles, Netflix, Instagram, avocados, & Harry Styles.

Megan Ashdown


Professional Writing major from Cortland, Ohio. Her go-to outfit is a crop top or graphic tee paired with black high-waisted skinny jeans, round sunnies, and lots of rings. She likes to drink coffee and read good books, but you’ll most likely find her binge watching Netflix. Her heart belongs to PB&J sandwiches, chokers, and her dog.

 Adzaan Muqtadir

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Hopeful graphic design major who’s studying business and fashion from Dayton, Ohio. You can most likely find her wrapped up in a studio project for art class or venturing around campus taking pictures. When it comes to style, Adzaan likes switch things up pretty often, so you’ll never know what you’ll spot her wearing.

Claire Vaughn


Anthropology major from Dayton, Ohio. Claire can be found wearing skinny or boyfriend jeans and a casual tee or sweater paired with boots or Toms. It is very laid-back and girl next door. Her style inspo comes from Jennifer Anniston and Kate Hudson. You can find her playing guitar, probably listening to early 2000s music, or watching Netflix for hours on end. Her heart belongs to fall nights, coffee, and pugs.

She loves neutral-colored long sleeve shirt, boots, and the necklace he got from the person who inspires him most.

Chase Bailey

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Professional and Creative Writing double major, French minor, Columbus, OH. His go-to uniform is skinny jeans, a neutral-colored long sleeve shirt, boots, and the necklace he got from the person who inspires him most. You can find him reading tarot cards, scoping out boys, and most likely lost in a daydream. His heart belongs to traveling, learning languages, and asking too many questions.

Abby Cunningham


Marketing major and Interactive Media Studies minor, St. Louis, MO. Her style inspo is Gigi Hadid with her fun and edgy street style. You can find her with camera and iced coffee in hand, wearing jewelry that she made herself, most likely browsing Pinterest or making Spotify playlists. Her heart belongs to cool sunglasses and ripped jeans.

Josie Dondaville


Business major, with a minor in Arts Management, Wilmette, IL. Josie’s go-to Uniform would have to be a graphic tee paired with light washed jeans, Nike high tops, and lots of jewelry! You can find her red hair blowing in the wind as she rushes to class because the line at Starbucks took precedence. Her heart belongs to salt, celebrity gossip, all things leopard, and her two sisters Allie and Noelle.

Vivian Drury


Journalism, Strategic Communications, and Creative Writing triple major from Chicago, Illinois. Her style inspo comes from Blake Lively because she loves how her style incorporates lots of fun colors / prints, and she’s not afraid to be bold when it comes to fashion. You can find her at outside on a sunny day drinking an iced tea and writing or in a dance studio perfecting her turns and coming up with new choreography. Her heart belongs to Nutella, Portillo’s, rompers, and lace up suede heels.

Abbey Gingras


Professional Writing & Strategic Communication double major from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her style icon is the eternally chic Audrey Hepburn, and her heart belongs to avocados and early 2000s music. You can find her hanging around the closest Chipotle, probably on her phone scrolling through old Instagrams and trying not to like photos from 70 weeks ago.

Tori Levy


Journalism and Creative Writing double major from Chicago, Illinois. Her go-to uniform is boyfriend jeans, a white over-sized t-shirt paired with Jeffery Campbell booties and round sunglasses. You can find her reading a good book with a shaken ice tea in hand. Her heart belongs to ’70s movies and The Strokes.


Hannah Wegman


Marketing major with a co-major in Business Analytics from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her go-to uniform is jeans, a graphic tee and she gets her style inspo from Selena Gomez. You can find her at Starbucks, on Pinterest, or petting her chocolate lab.