Surviving Finals Without Getting Sick

By Hannah Blaze

I am deeply saddened to announce that it is officially finals season. Although it’s hard to prepare your mind for this unbelievably stressful time, I truly believe it’s even harder to prepare your body. Between the long hours of intense concentration, the extreme lack of sleep, the endless cups of coffee and other sugary caffeinated drinks- it all takes a major toll on our bodies. And unfortunately, this major toll often leads to sickness.

Because absolutely nothing sounds worse than being sick on top of managing a million deadlines and exams, I am going to share my personal favorite tips and tricks to help keep your body as healthy as can be over the next week.

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#1 Take One Emergen-C Packet A Day

In my opinion, Emergen-C is so underrated. These packets are fully loaded with so many amazing antioxidants and electrolytes that can help make you feel on top of your game. I truly think these can make such a big difference, especially during cold and flu season, in ensuring that your immune system is as strong as possible. Every day I leave about 25-50% of my water bottle left to mix in with a packet of Emergen-C. I personally don’t mind the taste of them, but I know some people hate the flavors. If that is the case with you, I recommend leaving a really small amount of water left in a bottle, mix in the powder, and just drink it as fast as possible! It will be worth it in the end!


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#2 Take Daily Supplements

Every day I make sure to take vitamins to help boost my immune system even more. I think the most effective ones to take for fighting off sickness is Vitamin C & Probiotics. Vitamin C helps strengthen your immunity and fight against the common cold. Probiotics do so much good for your stomach and digestion,  and they always say that good health begins in the gut. Taking a daily probiotic not only helps your immune & digestive system, but it can also actually help your mental clarity and health, really allowing you to be in the best mindset as you can be for battling finals!


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Courtesy of UP Magazine

#3 Swap Out Your Unhealthy Snacks for Healthy Ones

As easy as it is to order a pizza and snack on that all night while taking endless piles of notes, that pizza will do nothing nutrition wise to keep you feeling your best! Try swapping out those fatty, greasy snacks with lighter, nutrient-packed foods. Some examples could be carrots and bell peppers with hummus, celery or apples and peanut butter, air popped popcorn, or even just a bowl of your favorite fruit.

I also recommend switching out high sugar and high-calorie energy drinks like Redbull with something like cold-pressed juice or kombucha! Your body will thank you so much, and the nutrients in these drinks should still help give you a natural energy rush. If you still need to rely on caffeine to keep you up, I definitely recommend sticking to plain black coffee if you can stomach it. If you need to add something to it, I recommend using almond or coconut milk to keep the calories low. Getting my coffee iced always helps me stay extra alert, and I honestly think it makes it easier to get black coffee down.

Following these three easy tips should definitely help keep you feeling your absolute best during a not-so-great week. On top of these tips, just remember to try and sleep as much as you can, and to stay as positive as possible! Finals will be over before you know it, and then you’ll be able to spend your next few weeks at home surrounded by friends and family! I know you can do it.

Best of luck to all!