Surviving Finals 101

By Vivian Drury

The best thing about winter are warm candles, fuzzy socks, Christmas movies on repeat, and holiday radio stations blasting 24/7. Yet in this lovely time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, students around the country experience a sliver of hell between the festivities with final exams. With demanding professors, an extremely low meal plan balance, and excessive coffee consumption to attempt to make up for little sleep, students are redefining rock bottom on an hourly basis during finals week. Here are some tips and tricks to pull you through those exams and back into the holiday spirit:


This may seem like mission impossible during exams, but your body cannot properly learn material without sleep. While you are sleeping, your body rejuvenates and protects all of the information you just spent hours learning. If you don’t sleep, studying will be an even more frustrating process because you’re not allowing your mind to catch up with the material. Shoot for the normal 6-8 hours of rest each night, and your finals, your mood, and your body will be much better off.

Courtesy of Tenor

Take a Walk or Exercise:

As Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy.” Woking out during finals week or just taking a break with a walk allows your mind to process and slow down. Taking some time to move your body after long periods of studying will help keep your mind fresh during this stressful time.

Courtesy of Tenor


Long nights of studying often make us throw our eating habits and schedule out the window.  Having some munchies and sweets to motivate yourself during finals or as a reward after is perfectly fine, but don’t let those sugary snacks turn into meals. Give your body some greens and carbs to keep you full and focused. Snack on yogurt, nuts, and good fats like avocado to keep you strong between study breaks. Also, be sure to eat before an exam to refuel your body and keep it motivated to push through the stress.

Courtesy of Tenor

Remember What’s Important:

As cliche and crazy as it may sound, your body and your health are far more important than your GPA. Don’t let your healthy habits dwindle down with the semester. Hang with friends, get some sleep, eat right, and find ways to calm down at the end of the day, like with music or just a few deep breaths. Study hard, but stay focused on what really matters.

Good luck on finals! You got this!



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