UP and out in an oversized fashion

By Vivian Drury

Sweaters and scarves are always a great go-to for fall weather, but one of this season’s hottest trends, the oversized turtleneck sweater, combines the two. The oversized turtleneck brings a modern twist to the traditional 90’s turtleneck. These sweaters allow you to stay warm and cozy while still looking your best.


One of my favorite parts about the oversized turtleneck is that it still allows for necklaces to be seen. Often scarves cover them up, but the necklace of the oversized turtleneck sweater offers a perfect view for your shiny pieces. I love layering two or three gold necklaces with this stylish sweater to dress it up a little bit.


One of the best things about turtleneck sweaters is their neutral color palette. Light browns, greys, and creams blend beautifully in the fall atmosphere. They carry a sense of effortlessness and can be dressed up easily. For a low-key night out, pair the sweater with dark jeans. To make more of a statement, add a pop of color to liven up the look.



Another one of my favorite features of the turtleneck sweater is its length. They are often very long and match perfectly with a pair of leggings. For a perfect uptown or downtown look, pair a neutral colored loose turtleneck with a fun pair of eggplant or teal colored leggings and finish the look with some wedged booties. The bright colored pant adds a pop of colors and a statement to the look.


A few of my favorite oversized turtlenecks are from J. Crew and Nordstroms. J. Crew’s has a nice stripe pattern and Nordstroms’ are very comfortable and cozy and come in several colors, black, ivory, olive, mocha, and blush.



Oversized turtlenecks keep you warm, yet still give you that polished fall fashion look. Happy weekend!


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