Feline frenzy

This fall, showcase your “wild” side. Leopard print is in, and the good news is that it’s extremely versatile. You can wear it so many different ways!

Runway leopard print


Designers like Giorgio Armani and Givenchy created leopard print tops and even jackets, but one of my favorite ways to wear this trend is on my shoes. I’m a huge fan of leopard flats and loafers. They add flair and pizzazz to any outfit. I own the Lucky ballet flats, and they’re extremely comfortable. Plus, they go with so many different outfits. Target also offers a pair of leopard flats. As well as shoes, a leopard print bag can make an outfit much bolder.

Lucky Brand ballet flats
Target ballet flats


If you want to take it up a notch, go for leopard print clothing. Some leopard print outfits can give off a tacky vibe, but Asos offers tons of trendy options in all kinds of styles. Go all the way in a full-on leopard print dress like the skater dress shown below, or you can go for a touch of leopard print like the collar on the blouse.

Asos skater dress


Asos blouse


Asos also has a helpful Fashion Finder on their website, where you can type in a style or trend and they’ll show you other websites that offer it. When I typed in “animal” I found the options below.





So much variety exists for wearing leopard print. It comes in so many different styles of clothes and accessories, so you can easily find a leopard piece that works for you and your specific style.

-Blair Donovan


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