Suit yourself

Here is a little bitty guide to those itsy bitsy things we are working our butts off to fit into in the upcoming weeks. What we should not forget, is that, for any body type – we need to wear what fits our bodies. I know it is tempting to pretend we’re Adriana Lima go you for trying – but, truth is our spring break pics are going to be a lot more flattering if we dress to fit our own bodies. Embrace the skin you’re in. All shapes and sizes are beautiful. So, find a cute suit to fit your body type well and I promise you will be a lot happier.

Here we give you a ton of different types of suits complimenting all different types of girls. Hopefully these can give you all some ideas of what you should look for in a suit! Keep that motivation for Spring Break! If you’re struggling to find it, get it goin’. It is never too late to try to upkeep yourself. March into this month working towards a healthier you. See what I did there? Keep out the suits and get a little inspiration along the way, maybe. Rock dat body.


First, here is an awesome strapless. Higher waist bottom if you’re not wanting to expose anything too low cut. Look for cool patterns on the hems of suits, like this one, to add a cool compliment to a simple classy suit.


For you ladies out there with awesome backs – show them off! There are a ton of cute suits out there to show off those backs with a more stringy spider-web look. I love it.


Love this combo. Simple bottoms, giving a bit more help than just tie strings on the side and a top giving you the perfect balance of coverage and cleavage – working for A’s through D’s. This is definitely a good suit to make all of us look good.


If you are looking for a one-piece, go for a high waisted bottom look with a cool design up top, complimenting your upper waist/chest area. With a tribal pattern as cool as this, your onesie will be the hottest look on that beach.


For those of us looking to show off those cheeks – play it up! Bottoms like these are the perfect way to show off all your hard work in the glutes and thighs division. A bow & pop of color, like this bright neon emerald, is killer.


Speaking of colors, these brights, neons and pales are the perfect way to show off that tan you’ll be getting, or trick eyes into thinking you are more tan than you are. The brights are our friend. The little detail in this suit will also keep you on trend for this year.

Beyond these few examples, there is much more out there to fit all of you lovely ladies. Just remember to embrace your shapes and sizes, play them up and have fun! Happy UpKeep, peeps.

-Katie Deeds

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