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Quotes from Maya Angelou and the #YesAllWomen Movement that You Need to Hear

Maya Angelou – the powerfully-spoken and passionately kind poet, playwright, actor, and activist – died peacefully May 28th at age 86. She left behind a true legacy and many inspirational words we can all live by. Here are just a few of her thoughts on forgiveness, self-respect, and love to keep in mind: “I’ve learned … Continue reading

Summer’s hottest trend: sporty swimwear
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Summer’s hottest trend: sporty swimwear

If there is one (undoubtedly) infamous cinematic display of swimwear, it’s Baywatch. Tanned and toned lifeguards running on the beach, sand flicking off their feet at each step, and muscles reflecting the sunlight – let’s face it, we’ve all wished that were us at one point. However, just because you aren’t trained to save lives or have … Continue reading